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We believe that the human mind has no limits and scripts. There is a breadth and capacity of thinking, land of imagination, which we get inspiration and our creativity. Our team creates not just a video, but a conceptual product.

We truly love every client, fully immersed in his subject and create a video that reaches the right audience eyes and ears. With videoinfographics we penetrate the thoughts of the viewer and put there your topic. We visualize a ton of text and transform them into colorful visuals.



InfoLand: 2 years on a market

We entered this industry with our skills and knowledge, but we never stopped to develop. We prefer quality growth and development. Our team becoming more and more thanks to your recognition and trust. Of course a number of projects and their quality indicators grow every day. We like new complicated challenges, they motivate us.

Our Video Web Studio «Infoland» also develops Landing page and Marketing kit. This allows us to make clients business fully packaged and to develop marketing strategy for them.

Our mission is to lead our clients to a success. This is the reason they come to us.



The team of our studio includes a large number of professionals. We are talking about the client relations department, the one which meets you at entrance and goes with you all the way during the development of the project. The copyright department, people who create scripts and patterns, write texts and unique trade offers, who dressed the information in beautiful and understandable form. This design department – is our Narnia, where lives only fantasy. A significant parts of our team are also developing divisions, advertising and SEO.

We all work together and to achieve the one goal!

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