Insurance miser

Video in doodle style (or scribing) about Company “Insurance miser”

Insurance miser

Each element of this movie is unique and hand drawn by our illustrator. It also contains main elements of animation, which is not peculiar for advertising doodle style but gives a spice and dynamics to the video. Scribing allowed to create a unique promotional video product for the customer.

The solution this video offers, is actual for all car owners. Especially for those who frequently meets with insurance cases and, unfortunately, knows how to truckle for the payment from the insurance company for months, if not longer.

Video is easily watched, it is interesting and pleasing to the eye. And what is the most important – simply and affordably explains quite difficult and popular services.

Video in doodle style (scribing) – is always easy, understandable and unique.

The cost of video per minute: 31000 rub.


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