The new video for the German service with video reviews

Video infographics for the German service video reviews

Internet technologies conquer the world rapidly. For many people online shops, services, delivery of food and other commodities have become a priority way for making shopping. But how to distinguish a good product from a bad one? Trust a description and a few reviews? In Germany, the answer to these questions are provided by an independent service Now, before buying products online or order food delivery, the user has to visit the website and watch the video review from a competent specialist.

The video is created in the classic videoinfographics style with the characters. In this video we showed the story about two heroes – those troubles encountered someone who does not use the service, and the benefits received another character using the service The video was very bright and dynamic, it has shown a simple solution to everyday problems of online buyers – everything as wanted our friends from

We create simple, clear and at the same time interesting videoinfographics. And we want your video to be our next creation! Leave your application!

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