The electric pump Triol

The new video for the electrical equipment manufacturer – corporation “Triol”

Videoinfographics for a electrical equipment manufacturer - corporation ``Triol``

Low-yield wells – are real oil production problems. They require considerable investment, but the result often disappoints the owner. But how to turn a low-yield fund to a source of permanent income? Corporation “Triol” offers petroleum developers the latest solution – electric plunger pump. The installation is distinguished by a quick mounting and easy transportation, the availability of telemetry and GPRS-modem.

The main challenge for our team was to create a video clip that will tell in simple and affordable way and, the most important, will show the main principle of setting and emphasize the benefit of equipment “Triol” use. That is why we offered to perform the video in a 3D animation style, showing work settings almost “in the field”. The video is available in Russian and English languages.

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The cost of video per minute: 42000 rub.

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