Our video is about infographics and selling videо


We are creating a large number of videoinfographics for our customers, including: construction companies, lawyers, insurers, traders, online marketing, realtors, doctors, teachers and so on.

But about wonderful us was created only 1 video. We decided to rectify this omission and created a new infographics video about our advertising and business video studio.

We want you to present a video in a new minimalism style, which is now so fashionable in Europe and the US. Presentation video tells about what the videoinfographics is.

In what way advertising ingofraphics helps our customers?

  • It works on brand awareness
  • It simply tells about complicated things
  • It presents and sells your goods
  • It advertises the service
  • It creates image and promotes

Fantasy has no limits and we are ready to create for you!

The cost of video per minute: 26000 rub.

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