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Explaining video is a visualized way of information transmission, which is accompanied by a picture detailed explanations for each stage. Today, these videos are increasingly used as manuals for appliances, furniture, cosmetics and other goods. Using this way manufactures simultaneously perform multiple tasks:

  • increase the service level;
  • help clients to understand the subtleties of detail or use of the product;
  • reduce the number of calls to the helpdesk for advice.

Example of video instruction

What are the advantages of explanatory video?

  • Effective goal achievement

    A simple phased explanation with information demonstration is available to any user. Once the client will solve his problems and challenges with the help of the video, he will have a positive impression of the company.

  • The use of ``alive`` video material

    Text instructions, even with pictures are not as effective as video manuals. Moreover, person does not have to set aside a paper with text to perform some action. He can comfortably sits in the front of a video, watch it and simultaneously does some action.

  • You can see all details

    Video format of instructions is also convenient that you can watch it infinite number of times by pressing the pause, skip uninteresting moments or scrolling back to understand something better.

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You should order the training video only in one single case – if your customers are important for you and you’re worried about the formation of impeccable reputation and positive image. We should note about the video advertising effect, more “viral” – good and useful video users will distribute the net, posting it on forums, social networks and blogs.

Creating such a movie is a very responsible job, because the actions of the character in the scene will repeat the people, and therefore they must be extremely accurate and consistent. A whole team of professionals in our studio will make everything to be sure, that your training video will not only be useful and informative, but interesting and exciting.

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